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Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Adds New Kvaris Tundra Region, Ups Level Cap, Lets You Throw Things

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It’s time to explore the new region of Kvaris in Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis . The new region has arrived with the Frozen Resolution update.

Frozen Resolution is the largest content update for the game since launch. In addition to the new region of Kvaris, The update raises the level cap to 60, continues with Chapter 3 of the main storyline, and includes new weapons, enemies, activities (like floating snowboarding), new characters, and more. 

In order to get to Kvaris, you’ll have to be at least level 33 and finish the main storyline from Retem. If you completed that storyline and haven't been around for a while, Sega has included several activities and tasks that will help you get back to speed and gain more XP before you head to the new region. In the new region, you will find more than 50 side tasks have been added to help you level up and get your character ready to take on all of the new challenge and content in Kvaris.

The weather will be a factor, especially in the new Rayjord Gorge. It's freezing there so it will damage players over time if you don't strengthen cold resistance.You’ll be able to use a floating board around the new region, so there’s a new action for this to work. Another new action is called “Throw Action”. Now you'll be able to temporarily change your attacks so you can pick up different items and throw them at both enemies or containers in order to deal damage. 

The new region includes new bosses like Crocodylis, And this is where your new throw action ability will come in handy. you'll be able to pick up the bombs he throws at you and toss them right back at him. Some bosses in Kvaris can even buff nearby DOLLS, adding layers of challenge to facing mobs.

For more details on the update, including some of the new monsters, snowy region, and more, head to Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis.


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