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Phantasy Star Online 2 - Episode 5 Free Update Launches Tomorrow, Hop in For Rewards Today

Magic vs Techniques

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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We recently reported that Phantasy Star Online 2 will release their next free update, Episode 5, at the end of the month. Tomorrow, the next episode will release, and it includes tons of new features, including a new dimension named “Omega”.

In the new dimension, Omega, the world is less about futuristic weaponry and tech, and more about swords and magic. Science fiction merges with high fantasy in Episode 5, but that’s not all players get to look forward to. The new-to-the-west Hero class has been added, and the level cap has been increased to 90. There will be new areas to explore, and new enemies to fight, while your technique and photon arts will also increase in power.

Before the release tomorrow, players might want to hop in and experience the “Road to Episode 5” in-game event that we reported on earlier this month. Simply by logging into the game, players can receive hefty XP bonuses, 300 SG, and an Augment Transfer pass. Login today for rewards, but login tomorrow for brand new content!

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