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Phantasy Star Online 2 Details the Personal Shop in Latest Announcement

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Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis  is planning to launch sometime in 2021, and players that are excited for the game will also be equally as excited to learn about the Personal Shop, and what items gamers can expect to buy and sell.

Below is a short list of how the Personal Shop will function in PSO2:NGS:

  • PSO2:NGS items are only tradable via the Personal Shop. Items obtained in PSO2 cannot be sold in the Personal Shop for PSO2:NGS.
  • PSO2:NGS Personal Shops only accept N-Meseta
  • Placing items in the Personal Shop requires a 10% commission on the price of the item. The commission percentage is subject to change based on the in game economic conditions.
  • “Recommended” AC Scratch items will have higher minimum sale prices than other items. Minimum prices for these items will be consistently maintained to ensure a proper in-game economy.
  • Player and character Information – like the seller’s name of an item placed for sale in the Personal Shop will be accessible by search for those who obtain specific titles. This was implemented to prevent RMT, and SEGA will monitor and enact countermeasures if the Personal Shop is misused.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is currently going through their closed beta phases in the Japanese version of the game. PSO2:NGS is slated to hit the global version of the game, though it is unclear when exactly we may see an expanded beta version for western audiences.


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