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Petition to Revive Endorsed by Garriott

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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A fan petition to bring back Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa as a free to play title has been endorsed by the man himself. The note from the petitioners says it all. 

I am asking for full support in our endless effort to bring back Tabula Rasa. Such game as that DESERVES TO BE FREE TO PLAY as every other piece of junk there has a chance to be playable and it's not worth downloading it sometimes. Please , I beg of You - alone I can do nothing.  Support me and our cause of our team to bring back this long dead but still the best game ever existed.

Here is proof of Richard Garriot's support towards my petition. Here is the petition link it self .  Thank you in advance! Only together we can succeed. Alone this petition is destined to be forgotten and last spark of hope all this years of trying and convincing and asking for help from Richard will be in vain. 

Head to the links above to sign the petition.


Suzie Ford

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