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Peter Molyneux' 22cans Enters Blockchain Gaming with Legacy, Which Has Begun Its Initial Land Sale

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Developer Peter Molyneux and his company 22cans have announced a new “Blockchain Business Sim” called Legacy that opened its land sale yesterday. As one of the new entries in blockchain gaming, Legacy is trying to position itself as a play to earn destination in 2022.

So how will this work? You can start your own in-game blockchain business association after purchasing land NFTs. Everything you do in the game could potentially earn you something. If you start a business association and continue playing you will get something called Legacy Keys. You can lend those keys to other players so they can start businesses and they become your business partners. They’ll then pay you a portion of their profits. 

LegacyCoin is the cryptocurrency used in this game, built on Etherium, with an environmental offset. The currency will let you acquire Legacy Keys,  in-game trading, item NFTs, and other uses they will reveal in future updates.

In terms of gameplay, business is the focus. Design products and buildings, take them to be manufactured in the factory, trade with other players, and fight for greatness on the player-driven open market. There will also be in game competitions, events, and even measures of things like successful town management. Essentially you're creating a town that you want to turn into a thriving industrial location that you can win competitions,  grow your in-game businesses as well as earn real currency for all the effort you put in.

Everything in your experience, including your factories, your workers, houses, roads, and anything else in your town is all up to you to design and coordinate. One of the gameplay functions you'll encounter is that you will have to, in the nature of sims, manage your business while also making sure your townspeople are happy and have what they need. This increases efficiency and makes your business even more successful.

For more, head over to the official Legacy site.


Christina Gonzalez

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