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Pet Enchanting Overview

Keith Cross Posted:
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IGG has posted details of the Pet Enchanting System in Myth War II.

As you may know, Resistances affect many aspects of battle for pet’s. Not only do they affect attacks, they can also affect damage dealt, damage absorbed and how long or how harsh a particular skill will affect the pet. While using the Pet Enchant system will take the mystery out of Pet Resistances. Today the official will talk more about this magical system.

Players can use Magical Crystals to power up their pets’ stats through the Pet Enchant System. Due to the great variety of resistances found in the game, players will end up with a wide range of choices for enchanting their pets.

Magical Crystals are the only item required for enchanting pets. After a journey to the Pet Lair, players will be able to get a hold of some of these Magical Crystals. Or simply purchase the crystals you need from the mall. Once you have the required crystals in hand, give them to a special NPC in the Pet Market and select the resistance you want, whether its for offensive combat, defensive combat, or magic. The Pet Market NPC will even allow players to double check if the resistance they’ve selected is the right one.

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Keith Cross