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Persona 5 Strikers Releases 'Liberate Hearts' Trailer

Game releasing February 23

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Persona 5 Strikers has just received a new Liberate Hearts trailer, diving into the adventure of the Phantom Thieves.

As the Phantom Thieves investigate a series of strange cases occurring across Japan, they discover another realm where innocent people are being jailed and forced to forfeit their hearts' desires by the whims of its ruler, according to the accompanying press release.

In case you missed it, Persona 5 Strikers is releasing on PS4, Switch, and Steam on February 23. If preordering is your thing, preordering the Digital Deluxe Edition will get you access to the game four days early, on February 19. Here’s what’s included in the Digital Deluxe Edition, priced at $69.99:

  • Exclusive access to the game four days early, on February 19
  • Bonus Content Digital Download
    • Digital Art Book
    • Digital Soundtrack –Over 40 songs included
    • Behind-the-Scenes Video –Making of the Music “You Are Stronger” and “Towards a Dream”
  • Persona Legacy BGM
    • Persona 1and Persona 1 PSP remake
    • Persona 2 Innocent Sin and Persona 2 Eternal Punishment
    • Persona 3and Persona 3 Portable
    • Persona 4and Persona 4 Golden
  • All-out Attack Pack
    • Boost Skills Pack
    • Basic Affinity Skills Pack
    • Ally Buff Skills Pack
    • Armor Pack
    • Persona Points
    • Enemy Debuff Skills Pack

Last month, the team shared a trailer showing off combat. You can check out that trailer here.


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