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Permadeath Challenge Hardcore League is Back Next Week in Dungeons & Dragons Online

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The next edition of the Dungeons and Dragons Online Hardcore League will begin on July 27th. Hardcore League 6 is a challenging experience with permadeath. You'll have several goals and your progress will be based on completing as many quests as possible and surviving in the game's hardest mode.

Both of the game's progress factors will each have their own ladder. The top 100 ranked players on both ladders will get credited for their tenacity and survival in the Eberron Hall of Heroes. Any player can take on the challenge of the Hardcore League,  So you don't have to have a VIP account in order to play but there might be some restrictions whether or not you are subscribed.

If you try the Hardcore League and find it's not for you, don’t worry. There will be free server transfers to other servers during the event, as well as afterwards. When the team talks about permadeath, they mean permadeath from any method. So you might challenge a difficult boss, or you might sustain too much fall damage, or even have an oops like your connection failing.

If so, you go to the Land of Lost Souls  and can’t access your character on the Hardcore server, You lose your spot on the leaderboards, but you will retain all of your Milestones. You will even still be able to chat or move or manage a guild but no more play time until you transfer your character over to a new server after the event is over. 

There are some rules and restrictions, which you should review before you get into this mode. Veteran status is disabled and all Iconic characters will begin at level 15 instead of level 1. Other changes include a level lockout that will prevent characters running quests too high to make sure no one's just running away with the whole thing and keeping things competitive.

For more, including rewards, rules, what happens when you die, leaderboards, and more, read the announcement over at Dungeons & Dragons Online. 


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