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Perfect World International Celebrating a Decade of Service in North America

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Perfect World Entertainment and the Perfect World International development team are celebrating a decade of live service in North America. Players will be able to enjoy a month's worth of good cheer including prizes earned through a daily log in code, a mount raffle and a series of events. The anniversary kicks off today with the launch of the Redemption expansion that brings a visual update to the game along with new zones, a 6th Boundary tier, mini bosses and much more.

Originally released in North America at the beginning of September 2008,PWI has grown from one of the first MMO’s to include flying into an RPG with dozens of updates, now including Redemption. This update improves the game’s lighting and water effects across the board, bringing out the beautiful style of the world. Along with visuals, additional content will be available to players at all levels including the Royal Sky Boundary for veteran players to elevate the endgame, as well as all-new zones and a Dungeon Bestiary for new and existing players. The Bestiary provides players with information and tactics to tackle PWI’s many boss encounters, making joining dungeon groups easier than ever.

Check out the Perfect World International site to learn more.


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