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Pearl Abyss Talks DokeV's Multiplayer Elements, Island Size In New Interview

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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DokeV made an appearance at gamescom's Opening Night Live, and it made more than a few fans with its cute - yet hauntingly realistic visuals, as well as confusion around whether it was an MMORPG or not. 

In a series of interviews with IGN, DokeV's Lead Producer Sangyoung Kim talked about how the vision of the Pearl Abyss title shifted from one that made "sense" as an MMO initially to what it is now.

Pearl Abyss isn't a stranger to creating MMOs, as the developers of Black Desert across PC, consoles and mobile (as well as owning CCP Games, makers of EVE Online), so it was strange when the company was no longer calling DokeV an MMO after billing it as one when it was first announced. Kim states in the interview that the new direction allows them to "express [their] vision for the game."

"We’ve had a lot of discussions about the game’s direction while working on DokeV and as the result, we concluded that making it an open-world action-adventure game allows us to best express our vision for the game,[.] Now we are going in the direction of enjoying the diverse gameplay in the vast open world," Kim told IGN. 

As far as how multiplayer will work within the new open-world action game, Kim states that there will be both single player and multiplayer content, such as needing your friends to fend off a boss. Additionally, Kim confirmed there will be PvP, though didn't elaborate on what would look like in DokeV

Kim also revealed that what we saw in the trailer was but a small fraction of the total island you get to play with in DokeV. Kim estimates that the town and landscapes we saw in the trailer represents about 10% of the total play area in the upcoming open-world title.

"Including White Whale Town, there are two towns shown in the video," he said. "I’m not sure how to express the island’s magnitude, but you can think of it like this: the parts of town you’ve seen in the trailer are less than 10% of the actual island. The map is large enough to keep you entertained just by walking around and exploring the open world."

In case you forgot what that trailer looked like, check it out in the embed below.


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