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Pearl Abyss Takes Over Publishing Black Desert in the West

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Today is the day Pearl Abyss takes over publishing Black Desert in the West.

You’ll be allowed to transfer your characters, but it hasn’t been an entirely smooth experience. As we previously reported, Pearl Abyss has been continuing to iron out any issues to help make the process easier for players.

If you had transferred your account prior to yesterday, congrats! You should be awarded with the following:

  • Cron Stones
  • Different types of Exchange Coupons
  • Combat & Skill EXP scrolls
  • A Limited-Edition title “Now or Nouver”.
  • A Limited-Edition Tier-4 Pet

Be warned, you have until May 31 to transfer your account over else risk account deletion,

"All non-transferred data will be reset and deleted if the account is not transferred to a Pearl Abyss account by the transfer deadline of May 31 (Mon) at 23:59 (UTC)."

A recent live stream provided more details including a Q&A. You catch up on that live stream here.


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