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Pearl Abyss Sets Deadline To Transfer Black Desert Online Account Before Its Deleted

Deletions Coming May 31st

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Service transfers have been underway in Black Desert Online since late January, though the team at Pearl Abyss is givng BDO players a deadline to ensure their accounts are transferred. Any account not transferred to a Pearl Abyss account will be deleted on May 31st, according to the MMO developer.

Pearl Abyss will be taking over publishing their own MMORPG in the West starting next week, and in doing so players will need to transfer their existing Kakao Games account to a new Pearl Abyss one. The pre-registration for account transfers has been going on since January 27th, with service transfer actively starting  next week on February 25th

The transfers haven't been entirely smooth, but Pearl Abyss is working to ensure that the process is seamless for those players still needing to transfer to a Pearl Abyss account. The Korean MMO developer has stated that there will be a hard deadline for account transfers before any that weren't done are deleted.

"We once again would like to inform you of the transfer schedule, rewards, and information regarding the deletion of non-transferred accounts," Pearl Abyss reiterated in a post on the Black Desert website. "All non-transferred data will be reset and deleted if the account is not transferred to a Pearl Abyss account by the transfer deadline of May 31 (Mon) at 23:59 (UTC)."

Even if you're not actively playing, you should pre-register for the transfer to save your data before the May 31st deadline. You can pre-register on the Black Desert website. From there you can log into your existing Kakao Games account, or transfer your data via a Steam login if you purchased the MMO from the platform (this is how I transferred and it was pretty seamless).


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