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Pearl Abyss Extends Black Desert's Free Game Access Period

New end-dates announced

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Surprise! Pearl Abyss has extended the Free Game Access period in Black Desert due to an issue with item reception. Here are the details.

In a post, the team describes what went wrong. On January 20, it looked like some players weren’t receiving items via specific item packages which were listed on the PlayStation Store. Those items which caused that issue were later removed.

However, this means that for anyone who participated in the Free Game Access period couldn’t purchase those packages. Therefore, Pearl Abyss has extended this event. This will apply to all servers, to all players who participated in the Free Play Days event.

The extension period per region is as follows:

  • NA: Until the start of the February 2nd maintenance (PST)
  • EU: Until the start of the February 3rd maintenance (UTC)
  • ASIA: Until the start of the February 3rd maintenance (GMT+9)

In recent news, the Nova class received some pretty substantial skill changes. You can read all about those changes here.


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