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Pearl Abyss Addresses Succession Skills, More In Q&A

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Pearl Abyss, developers of Black Desert, addressed Succession skills and more in a recent Q&A.

The question regarding Succession skills stems from whether or not the team considers the current implementation to be the “final stages” of class balancing. The team replied that with Succession, there was quite a lot they had to weigh,

“For example, if we made Succession to be stronger than Awakening, then this would defeat the purpose of implementing Succession. Instead, it would feel like a 2nd Awakening. Conversely, Succession would become meaningless if we were to make it weaker than Awakening. We believe the players should be able to select a combat method that suits their taste. We do not want to place restrictions on how they play the characters. Now, we believe the two combat methods (Succession and Awakening) can coexist.”

They continued saying that balancing is a separate issue, and that they believe trying to balance the game purely through Succession will be difficult. They’re going to continue balancing through Awakening Weapon skills and main weapon skills.

Another question dealt with gear score caps and if they team has considering using them on other Node War Tiers. The team said their goal was to encourage more players to take part in Node Wars and thus limited the gear score to lower the barrier of entry,

“The limits applied to Tier 1 Node Wars are not only AP/DP, but also evasion and accuracy. Stats that are not applied to this limit are, as you mentioned, HP and damage reduction rates. We maintain the current limits because they are closely related to characteristics of the classes, but we are aware this is not a fundamental resolution.”


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