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Dana Massey Posted:
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Along with their upcoming Lord of the Rings Online, Turbine also showed off upcoming changes to Dungeons and Dragons Online at PAX in Seattle. Carolyn Koh reports on the upcoming Module 3 and PvP additions.

Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) is a good looking game and one that taxes a gamer’s skills and grasp of strategy. It has sometimes been described as a cross between a twitch and an RPG game in that players are able to dodge, hide behind objects and use skills such as tumble to avoid damage from spells and sharp objects.

The fans at PAX were treated to a sneak peek at the new PvP module on the horizon, and Module 3 – Demon Sands – a desert themed update which will increase the current content by about 30% and introduce a new Favor Reward for about 1,000 points which will open up a 7th character slot and provide 4 bonus stat points that can be applied to a single character. A powerful reward if one enjoys PvP.

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Dana Massey