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PAX: Kinetic Melee, Electric Control, Incarnates Announced

Michael Bitton Posted:
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We were just at the City of Heroes: Re-inventing a Superheroic MMO panel where Paragon Studios announced two new powersets in addition to the Dual Pistols and Demon Summoning sets that will be included in Going Rogue. Also announced was the hotly anticipated endgame system that Matt "Positron" Miller has been working on.

The system will be called be Incarnate system (many CoH players should be familiar with this) and it will consist of new content and special Incarnate levels that confer new abilities to your character. Rewards commensurate with the difficulty of the Incarnate content will also be part of the system. Going Rogue will include a single Incarnate level, with the level cap of 10 to be introduced in Issue 19 later this year.

For Scrappers, Tanks, Brutes, and Stalkers a new powerset called Kinetic Melee was announced. To give you a general iea think of what telekinetic melee combat would look like. The set is very visual and utilizes a ton of knockback and down effects. You'll have greater range than most melee power sets when using it. A video was also shown at the panel, though Paragon Studios will not be distributing it. Fortunately, we managed to grab some shakycam of the clip, look for that later today.

Next up is Electric Control for both controllers and dominators. Not much was said on this set, but you can probably imagine how it will work out given the existing powers in the game. Electric imps were seen (gremlins).

We'll have slides and videos coming in soon so check back often!


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