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PAX Dungeon Runners Update

Jon Wood Posted:
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MMORPG.com's Carolyn Koh was at the recent Penny Arcade Expo and dropped by to speak with Alan Dunkin of DUngeon Runners. In thsi report, she tells us about the game and the upcoming Chunk #4 Update.

Dungeon Runners is a Casual Free to Play game from NCSoft. An easy to get into, quick to play, hack and slash game with some of the funniest crude humor around in an MMOG. A light hearted spoof of the MMOG genre with snarky names, funny dialogue and information. Weapons for example have speeds that range from grandma and slothful to ludicrous and freakin' fast. Quests send you to rescue some guy in a dungeon but you find out that the quest giver is trying to kidnap the guy and hold him for ransom. NPCs thank you sarcastically for busting up their treasure chests or call after you when you buy something that you’ve helped send their kid to school. It’s closer to playing Diablo online than to WoW. It is 15 minutes of fun with a bunch of guild mates while waiting for the server to come up on patch day.

Check it out here.


Jon Wood