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Pax Dei's Alpha Test Sees Over 12K Testers With Over 5 Thousand Collective Days Played

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Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Pax Dei wrapped up its Home Valley alpha last week, which the developer claims saw over 12 thousand players take part. The test, by all outside metrics, was a success, and the Mainframe team shared some stats from the test with a set of handy infographics.

The test itself, which ran for most of the month of November, was squarely focused on the PvE and building aspects of the MMO. While combat was present in the build, PvP itself was disabled. Instead, the focus was on crafting, collaboration, and more.

One stellar aspect of the alpha test was the lack of an NDA, so streamers and content creators could openly share their gameplay, and by extension, provide more meaningful feedback to Pax Dei's developers. Now that the test is over, the team behind Pax Dei has shared some of the numbers, stating that over 12 thousand players took part in the Unreal Engine 5-powered MMO.

Players also spent a collective 5,058 days in Pax Dei, chopping down over half a million trees. Those trees would fuel the crafting fires of the players, being turned into planks, wooden plugs, and much more to create whole towns on some servers. 

Over a thousand players were killed by drowning, though gravity was the real killer, with 17,767 deaths occurring this way in Pax Dei. However, monsters were killed to the tune of 1,124,815, with 516 of them being the powerful Will 'o the Wisps. 

As for when the next test is coming, Mainframe Industries hasn't said, but this one seems to have been a smashing success. For our part, we enjoyed our time in Pax Dei, though I did take some issue with an overly convoluted crafting system. It's early going, so hopefully the devs take all the feedback to heart so the next test is even better as it marches towards a full launch sometime in the future.


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