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Pax Dei Team Recaps Wilderness Alpha Mass Test in Discord 'Blog'

Over 100,000 players fought and built

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After a relatively successful Wilderness Alpha gameplay test, the Pax Dei team took the time to recap the playtest on its official Discord via a sizable “blog.” 

We previously reported that the team boasted inviting over 100,000 participants into this particular test and claimed that the “instancing systems performed very well, efficiently handling tens of thousands of building pieces and props”—great news for those perpetually worried about launch crashes. 

“But the absolute pinnacle was in the stories you shared: reading about players gathering, exchanging advice and tips about resource spots, trading goods, and forming alliances to try to overcome the challenges of the wild filled us with joy,” this particular announcement read. “Observing all these moments, big and small, of emerging gameplay was like witnessing the actual birth of our game.” 

The team then points players to a channel where they blogged out “Wilderness Alpha Learnings,” which includes feedback explaining combat, PvP, building systems, and more. 

Combat’s primary feedback seemed to be regarding actual execution of such, though the team says they improved the progression, stats and movement since the prior alphas. Meanwhile, PvP was meant to be a test for “how far we can go with the [loot] system,” and due to PvP being full loot during the test and limited to a single area that took a long travel time to get to, it was considered relatively hardcore—but Mainframe Industries plans on expanding it from one area in the future, and it won’t lock players out of any content besides PvP itself, at least. 

Crafting also seemed a bit on the overwhelming side, too, though on the other hand, people more than made do with their buildings, apparently crafting entire villages and more. Hey, in a sandbox, teamwork makes the dream work. 

In short, as they note, “the Alpha was a great success” despite early downtime apparently caused by rabbits, which the Pax Dei team also documented prior in the Discord. And it seems the Pax Dei Early Access stage “is coming, for sure, and on time!” 


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