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Pax Dei Team Dives into Crafting, From Item Durability to Progression, and Sets Alpha Signup Deadline

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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If you are interested in taking part in the Pax Dei Wilderness Alpha,  the team has announced the deadline for setting up your account and applying, as well as some tips to prepare. there's also a brand new community interview video on Crafting.

If you want to try taking part in this big Alpha test, you have until the end of April 15th to create an account, fill out the alpha signup form, complete a Pax Dei profile, and link your account with a Discord account for consideration. The team has also gave info on how to get ready for the test on Discord, with info on recommended graphics card, installation and more. The alpha will not have any keybind remapping, so for now, QWERTY is the way, and if you’ve moved away from it, they advise on that too.

Eltarii is also back with a new developer interview video on crafting, featuring the game’s design director, Petur, and Sulka, the chief product officer. They start with a question about crafting and if there are new disciplines and things to look out for in the new alpha. Petur addresses that one change that is happening is an overhaul of the method they calculate probability based on skills and difficulty of a recipe. He noted that if you reach a certain difficulty level for a recipe then going forward you will never fail in crafting it. On the way there, however, they want players to have a better sense of their chances and what they're doing. Some of this will be in the alpha and some is on the way later. 

One thing you will notice is that item durability will be in. This being early, they won't have all the balance right yet between how hard something should be to craft if it's only going to break later, and how many times something can wear down before it's permanently broken. but you'll get a taste of this.  They also cover the balance issues with this and expectations, but the alpha will be a first pass, So giving feedback is very important.

Pax Dei’s blueprint system is another way they’re adding layers to crafting, with crafters specializing in certain item types and recipes and blueprints functioning like a mastering of that type and a way to progress up the tier to the next, more advanced crafter and more potential items to make. These will also continue getting fine-tuned.

There's more in the full video including discussions about the future and what else they are working on. Since Pax Dei is designed for players to craft everything, this major component will continue getting expanded upon. 


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