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Pax Dei Drops Two Gorgeous Trailers Ahead Of Next Week's Early Access Launch

Sam Plaisance Posted:
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It's been one heck of a preview week for Pax Dei, as two new trailers were released back to back giving fans a taste of what’s to come in just a few more days. 

Pax Dei is entering early access on June 18th, and this week has been all about previews and gameplay for the fans. The developers at Mainframe Industries have released two separate trailers to give more insight into what's to come next week. 

The first trailer released was Gallia’s Grand Gathering Villa Extravaganza, an event creators participated in over the weekend. The event consisted of several challenges to complete that would “test their creativity, teamwork, and gaming skills” according to the devs, and the main event was the Villa Extravaganza challenge. 

This challenge tasked players with building the best-looking village, Castle, or countryside house within Pax Dei. Those who the judges chose as the best builders in all the land got their work shown off during this two-minute video posted by the developers. While this isn’t a trailer we are accustomed to, it still gives us a deep look into what can be done within the title and how intricate some of the builds can become. 

The second trailer was all about real gameplay footage captured in real-time, showing off characters running through vast and lush forests, crafting and forging with their bare hands, chopping trees and gathering resources, and of course, building monumental cities and homes. 

We also get a look at the hunting down of several different creatures within Pax Dei and how massive some of the structures we are set to explore really are.


Sam Plaisance