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Pax Dei Devs Suggest Deleting Corrupted Graphics Settings Files After This Morning's Server Crash

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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By all accounts, Pax Dei's early access launch was pretty smooth. This morning, though, the servers crashed, which could wreak havoc on players' graphics settings.

The launch hasn't been perfect, with building bugs, issues with recipes unlocking when they should, and more, it's been far from the unstable mess that some live service launches find themselves mired in. However, a crash this morning of the Pax Dei servers prompted the developers to issue a PSA to players who might be experiencing graphics issues after the fact.

The crash, which occurred early this morning, has already seen its servers go back online, but players logging in are seeing issues with their graphics settings. Mainframe issued a PSA in the official Discord server, walking affected players through the steps to effectively cull their settings and reset things on the client side.

This involves deleting files on your local machines, such as the GraphicsSettings.sav file, GameUserSettings.ini, and more. However, following these steps effectively resets the settings to the default, including audio and keybindings, and from there, players can tune things to their liking.

Pax Dei launched into early access on Tuesday, bringing its social sandbox MMO to the masses on PC. While the developers have laid out its vision and attempted to set expectations for players across the board, it hasn't stopped users from expressing disappointment with the product, namely in the form of Steam reviews. We've been playing since launch as we work through our early access review, which we'll have part one of our reviews-in-progress at the top of the week.


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