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Pax Dei Adds More Initial Wilderness Alpha Shards, Invites Will Go Out Tomorrow

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Pax Dei’s Wilderness Alpha will have more shards than originally planned, as invites are about to start going out.

Mainframe is preparing for the huge alpha, which they’re asking everyone to be patient as they begin sending out invites tomorrow for the more than 100,000 people they’re planning to invite. Today, they made an announcement on Discord, that they reevaluated their expected population and decided to increase capacity ahead of time instead of waiting. 

With this, they are going to be starting out with three shards per region instead of the previously-announced two. While the number of shards was always going to potentially grow, given the number of people they’re inviting, instead of waiting to see how demand goes, they’re moving ahead with a little extra capacity in the first place.

Now, in the US region, the third shard will be Tellus. In Europe, the newly announced shard is called Malakut. These will, as with previously announced shards, feature provinces and Home Valleys. 

Everyone from the last Alpha test is invited to this one, in addition to a number of others who have signed up to be considered. This alpha is going to debut a number of new features, changes to crafting, and a bunch of new combat updates. Central to this test is also PvP, and in particular, the province of Lyonnesse. 

On each server, this province will be an all-PvP area. High risk, and high reward, the intentionally small province is home to some exclusive resources in an abundance you won’t find anywhere else. Mainframe has talked about the desire to create a world where player creation is the foundation, and interdependence is a key part of the day to day.


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