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Patron Saint Guide

Keith Cross Posted:
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IGG has posted a guide to choosing a patron saint for you guild in Myth War II.

In Myth War II(http://mw2.igg.com/main.php), when your guild has grown into a powerhouse, with large numbers of members and domination of in game events, then it’s time for you to find a Patron Saint for your guild members to draw courage, seek guidance and increase their attributes.

Guilds that choose an appropriate Patron Saint for their guild will be able to exert control over the entire game world. With six Gods added to the list of Guild Patron Saints, now is the time to pick one of them to be your guild’s protector. Make sacrifices to your Patron Saint in your Guild HQ to curry favor from them. Be particular when it comes to the choice of God.

Sacrificing to different Gods will give varied attributes to your guild members. With high level Gods chosen to be Patron Saints, guild members will be awarded with better attributes and higher resistance builds.

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Keith Cross