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Path of Titans Brings the T-Rex and Much More As Closed Beta Arrives on Nintendo Switch

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Path of Titans has opened its closed beta on Nintendo Switch. Following closed beta opening up late last month on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles, Switch owners can now get the opportunity to experience being a dinosaur in the massively multiplayer survival game.

The version of the game that is debuting on the Nintendo Switch features the launch of the T-Rex and the other 25 included dinosaurs that are already available on other platforms. The team at Alderon games says that they are planning to add another dozen creatures of all types on all platforms over time. Expect creatures of land, air, and sea for continued variety in available dinosaur species.

In Path of Titans, you are a dinosaur from egg to adult and once you customize your character, it's your job to, with traditional survival game mechanics, find and build a home, level up and progress your character, and of course, explore the environment and survive.

In a massively multiplayer setting, each server can host up to 200 players so you'll be able to team up with friends, roam solo, or even fight others.  you are dinosaurs so you'll be able to take on different challenges in groups after you find and build your herd, including in-game world events. Of course, it's a sandbox so you have the option of creating a civilization together with your fellow dinosaurs or challenging others and trying to dominate.

While you have a choice to play any way you want, there are quests and other ways to unlock achievements and content, as well as to encourage collaboration with other players. Since it's a survival game, your best chance may be in numbers but everyone has to survive, and so if you’re in a herd resource needs will be multiplied. You'll need to find food, have a safe place to sleep,, go hunting, and continue progressing your character.

For more on the game and all platforms, head to Path of Titans. 


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