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Path of Exile's Update Opens the PC Controller Beta, Fixes a Number of Annoying Bugs

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Recently, the Grinding Gear Games team announced their intention to bring PC controller support to Path of Exile, first via a beta coming with update 3.17.3. Now, the patch notes for the update are out, with the update downtime to follow on PC later in the day.

Update 3.17.3 brings the PC controller beta along with some fixes for this Siege of the Atlas era. Some of the changes include fixing various dialogue audio issues, client crashes related to Scorching Ray and Stygian Firestorm, and adding the correct description to Tempest Shield quality. Most of the fixes are for various bugs like the “show all” option on the character select screen not saving. 

A few of the tweaks are helpful changes. One of these will display minimum and maximum defensive values when you use the highlight key when hovering over dropped items. The Overkill explosion from the Punishment Curse won’t happen anymore if the curse is owned by a defender or their allies. When righting the boss in The Infinite Hunger, the arena mechanic should now stop once the boss has been killed. 

When it comes to PC controller support, the beta begins with this update and will remain so until the 3.18 expansion, giving Grinding Gear a good amount of time to let players try out controller play and get enough data to polish it up. For now, once the beta begins, you’ll be able to log in and head to the Input Options panel to change over to use the controller beta. Given that it is a beta, the team is looking for feedback and bug reports where needed, but this should give more players a different, comfortable option for their journeys.

For the update notes for 3.17.3, head to Path of Exile


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