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Path of Exiles Team Updates Their Services Trading Discord

New rep bot, more channels, etc.

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Grinding Gear Games has updated their Path of Exile Services Trading Discord. Here are some details.

The information was shared on the official Reddit and state that several weeks’ worth of effort has gone into updating the existing Services Trading Discord,

“We've been hard at work updating the Path of Exile (Services) Trading Discord server these past few weeks. We added a reputation / vouch bot, channels for harvest craft buying/selling, a detailed guide on preventing scams, and (in progress right now) pingable/mentionable roles for common harvest crafts! We're also banhammering scammers actively now!"

In case you’re unaware of the server actually is, it’s intended to enable and allow for safe trading for non-trade screen transactions. This includes boss/breachstone rotations, harvest/bench/temple crafts, bulk sales, challenge completions, and more.

More information of the server is provided here. As to why the team decided to utilize a Discord server, the team explains,

“No channel limits. We currently have 6000 users after only a month, and you won't be kicked out due to 'the channel being full'. The server didn't even exist during week 1 of the league, so the user potential is easily 10x current.’

They also can have dedicated channels for specific categories, sensible spam limits, and more.


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