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Path of Exile's Heist Flashback Event Is Going On Now

Still have till January 4

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Heist Flashback event for Path of Exile is currently underway. Here’s what you can expect.

The event will run until January 4 at 10a PST. Each area you encounter will feature several popular mods from previous leagues. Additionally, Wraeclast areas will include three random mods from the list below:

  • 2 Additional Rogue Exiles
  • 2 Additional Invasion Bosses
  • 1 Additional Breach
  • 2 Additional Strongboxes
  • 3 Additional Tormented Spirits
  • 2 Additional Perandus Chests and a 33% chance to spawn Cadiro
  • 3 Additional Rare Monster Packs with Nemesis Mods
  • 3 Additional Magic Monster Packs with Bloodlines
  • 1 Additional Abyss
  • 2 Additional Harbingers
  • 1 Timeless Monolith
  • 1 Metamorph
  • 1 Delirium Mirror
  • Beyond

Keep in mind, those three random mods will change every hour so be on your toes. Of course, prizes will be handed out including Demigod’s Authority, Twilight Mystery Box, and random draw microtransactions.

Additionally, January 15 will see the launch of 3.13 on PC, with the consoles to follow on January 21. You can read all about the Heist Flashback event here.


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