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Path of Exile Update Concentrates on Fixes and Polishing the Controller Support Beta

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Path of Exile’s latest update was one mainly dedicated to fixes and improvements that cover quality of life tweaks and a variety of changes to the controller support beta.

Adding controller support is something many studios are working into their current games, and it is always good to have more options for access and control. Some of the changes this time around make controller support more fluid, from letting the chat box focused when you open it when set to controller input, to adjusting the pan speed of some panels to make them easier to use, and letting you switch Leagues easily with left stick. There’s also a new auto-toggle option you can set to automatically switch between input modes while in character selection or the main menu. Other tweaks to chat in controller input mode now make chat default to your last setting instead of local, and whisper, party, and global chat shortcuts also work.

Some of the other issues addressed involve things not showing where they needed to be like the passive skill tree not taking Omniscience into account when it display the attribute requirements while you were in controller input mode. Another bug prevented players from teleporting to a party member while using a controller, but this should work now. Controller support beta was also added to the Epic client.

Other fixes in the update addressed bugs affecting things like the Stash Tab, which wasn’t properly saved when you dragged folders around to organize them. The Gems Stash Tab can now also be organized by Gem level, and then alphabetically when you sort by Gem level. Some passive skills that were not being applied correctly, including Rampant Growth and Word of the Exarch were also patched. 

For full details on the update, read the notes over at Path of Exile.


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