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Path of Exile Ultimatum Goes Live on PC Today

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Get ready, Exiles. Today is the day Path of Exile’s latest expansion, Ultimatum, goes live on PC. If you’re on console, you’ll have to wait one more week. Here’s what you need to know ahead of diving in.

The new league includes various new features and challenges. For example, eight new skill gems and support gems will be introduced, in addition to various improvements to Vaal skills. Ultimatum is also bringing an overhaul to the reward systems from previous leagues, in addition to bringing in tons of new items.

If some of this sounds familiar, the Path of Exile team outlined a balance pass ahead of Ultimatum’s launch. You can read up on that here. The balance pass outlined changes to Atlas Passive trees, support gems, changes to Bladestorm, skill cost, and much more.

Ultimatum features the Trialmaster who will present you various rewards and challenges with three difficulty modifiers. If you happen to be successful, you’ll be able to claim your reward. However, this is where the namesake of the league comes into play. Upon leaving, you’ll face an ultimatum. You can either leave with your loot, or try more challenging encounters. These will result in more valuable loot.

Endgame has also been revamped a bit. As Grinding Gear Games puts it,

“Inscribed Ultimatums indicate an offering you must bring to the Trialmaster's Domain. If you're able to succeed at the inscribed challenge, the Trialmaster will reward you with an item of roughly double value. But if you fail, you forfeit the offering that you put on the line. Inscribed Ultimatums come with a challenging assortment of Ultimatum difficulty modifiers and can be traded to other players.”


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