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Path of Exile to Receive Improvements to Harvest

Including boss fight

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Just days after Harvest released for Path of Exile, it looks like Grinding Gear Games is set to release some improvements.

These improvements will arrive in the form of Patch 3.11.1 which will release some time next week. The team has identified a few improvements to Harvest they’d like to implement including a new reward item to drop from monsters and the final boss.

Growth meter colors on plants have been tweaked and improved so that they’re more easily identifiable for colorblind players. Additional Harvest improvements include:

  • We've added stairs to the terrain around the Sacred Grove's portal to improve its accessibility.
  • Increased the number of seeds that drop in maps, particularly mid-tier and rarer seeds. You now receive a lot more seeds from the highest-tier maps.
  • Harvest Crafting options will be sorted by their tier rather than their Lifeforce cost and will also be grouped together by their crafting type.

The team is also going to improve the final boss fight in Harvest, including improvements to fight mechanics, a new progress percentage to telegraph the next boss respawn, debuff icons from the boss applying effects onto you, and more.

Check out our preview of Harvest League here.


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