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Path of Exile Teases Big Siege of the Atlas Expansion Reveal

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A new chapter of Path of Exile is coming soon. There’s a new teaser for the stream this month where all will be revealed about the coming expansion, Siege of the Atlas (3.17) and its all new endgame content.

The stream will take place on January 27th  and the Grinding Gear Games team promises a flood of information about the Path of Exile expansion and what you can expect about the content as well as the challenge league that will accompany its release. 

As for what's to come, it might be worth looking to past Atlas expansions. Well it doesn't tell us exactly what to expect, if you like Atlas content before, the new expansion is probably going to keep you entertained for a while. 

The stream will happen on the Path of Exile Twitch channel at 11 a.m. PT on January 27th, And it will be followed by a live Q&A for any questions that might come up. 

One thing we do know, however, is that the Scourge mechanic from the last update, the 3.16 expansion content will not be brought forward to 3.17.  Siege of the Atlas will be live on February 4th, and the time of the Scourge (at least for now) will be removed. If you still have content from the Scourge update to complete, you have a few weeks to get that done and claim all your rewards and gear. The team does suggest that the scourge could make a comeback at some point, but there are no plans for it at this time. Given that it was an interesting mechanic,  the developers probably won't give up on it, especially if they're getting asked if the Scourge will stick around.

For more, see the announcement over at Path of Exile.


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