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Path of Exile Team Responds to Questions and Clarifies Detaila About Punishing New Mode Ruthless

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Yesterday, Grinding Gear Games announced Ruthless, a new mode for Path of Exile that will be coming out alongside the 3.20 expansion next month. Today, they are answering community questions about this punishing new mode and clearing up some of the details.

Ruthless will be a new optional mode that you can choose to play once 3.20 comes out. This mode is designed to feel like endgame all the way through. For Hardcore Ruthless, there’s even permadeath, so you’ve got one shot to figure things out. To make this as difficult as possible and live up to the mode’s title, the team plans on strict item scarcity, limited crafting, and much fewer drops. Every item drop could be a potential lifesaver if item drops are just that scarce. There’s even no default item filter because you are unlikely to need one. 

Another item change you might encounter is extended cooldowns. There will be items that affect movement speed available in Ruthless, as of current plans, but with longer cooldowns. The team will keep an eye on itemization, including for these items and modify them later if needed. Still, when they say punishing and scarce, believe them.

When the new mode is released, the team saye there will be an option to create private Ruthless leagues. You can also expect past league content in Ruthless, but some of it might be altered or in different forms. One change is that there are no plans to include challenges straight away. This is because some of the 3.20 content might not be compatible with the mode. But this is one of Grinding Gear’s famous “for now” statements, since in today’s announcement, they’ve said they’re working on some solution for including challenges in 3.21 and beyond.

You can read the complete details over at Path of Exile.


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