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Path of Exile Team Answers Harvest League Questions

Tons of questions, Plenty of answers

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Grinding Gear Games recently posted an FAQ for the recently announced Harvest League for Path of Exile. Here’s what they said.

As a quick reminder, Harvest League is set for debut on June 19. The questions ranged from seed stacking, to garden equipment acquisition, to crafting options. Perhaps one of the most insightful tidbits of information came from a question regarding Harvest crafting and whether or not it benefits low level players.

The answer, shortly, is yes. The answer expanded, explaining that tending to your garden early on will provide benefits to all characters. They even provided an example,

“For example, Exalted Orbs are powerful currency items that are generally only available in the end-game. Some Harvest crafts allow you to effectively Exalt your items with specific mods - for example, Exalting a physical modifier onto the item.”

Note, Exalted Orbs are actually quite rare. Thus, if the team gives too many away early, their value will naturally fall,

“However, we can give a lot of 'Physical Exalts' early in the game through Harvest as they can only be used on lower level items and don't have any implications for Endgame items. By end-game, the 'Physical Exalts' become rarer again because their value rises exponentially as they affect more items.”

You can catch the full FAQ here.


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