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Path of Exile Team Answers Community Questions About Game Mechanics

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Grinding Gear Games, the folks behind Path of Exile, have compiled the community’s burning questions about game mechanics into one handy Q&A. Here are some of the topics discussed.

The Q&A itself is actually incredibly extensive. If you’re the type of player who loves getting into the minutiae and theory crafting for Path of Exile, you should definitely give it a read. The topics discussed include Rupturing’s "Bleeding on [ruptured enemies] expires 25% more quickly" affect, mine detonation, and much more.

For example, one of the longer responses was to a question regarding kills via hits being credited to the killing entity. As an example, if a monster was killed by an initial hit from a fire trap, it would give life-on-hit to the trap but not the player. To that end, the question asks if it makes more sense to credit DOT (damage over time) kills to the applying entity.

GGG explained in part,

“Because hits are immediate and thus there's an implicit guarantee that the thing dealing the damage exists at the time the thing taking the damage dies. The direct effects of the kill can be assigned to that object, and some things, such as experience, can be "passed up the chain" because the game can ask that object who is ultimately responsible for things it kills.Damage over time is caused by applying a debuff to another object - after which the debuff is attached to the target, but independent of the thing that applied it.”

As mentioned above, the whole post is pretty extensive and you can check it out here. The Path of Exile team has been busy of late, recently issuing a fix squashing several annoying bugs. The patching follows the release of their latest 3.14 expansion, Ultimatum, last month.


Poorna Shankar