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Path of Exile Shares a Trove of Wraeclast Lore Resources, Including Behind the Scenes Deep Dives

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If you’re looking to catch up on the lore of Wraeclast, or just want to delve a little deeper into the storytelling parts of Path of Exile, you’re in luck. The team has a new roundup of a number of lore-related deep dives, from interesting facts, community Q&As, to dev talks.

The list is expansive, covering the creative process behind some of the most memorable lore, from the Scourge lore process, Echoes of the Atlas, and more. If you are one of those who have been keeping track since release, even the developers at Grinding Gear Games aren't always consistent. When you are creating new stories for an existing timeline, occasionally you have to make some changes or perhaps create a parallel timeline, or retcon a couple of things. there's even a list of timelines and retcons that they've done in order to make it all fit together. 

One of the other documents included, “Integrating League Stories into Existing Lore”, is related. With Path of Exile, in order to continue growing the game and creating new opportunities, they have to see what they've already done and figure out where the pockets are and where there's room so when it comes to League stories and new leagues, not only do they have to figure out how they work competitively, they're also needs to be a story anchor.

Also of interest is an ExileCon dev talk on storytelling in Path of Exile. This is a 50-minute talk on storytelling, the process, planning, and just how they keep coming up with new challenges, lore, mining existing stories, and bringing it all together.

When we say that this collection of info is a series of deep dives that you can probably get lost in, that wasn't an exaggeration. There are even two lore Q&As with the developers answer questions that came up, and there's even a narrative design philosophy document on Path of Exile 2 for a peek at the future.

See the full collection over at Path of Exile.


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