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Path of Exile: Scourge League Challenge Rewards Are Fiery and Demonic

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Path of Exile: Scourge will be out starting in just a few days, and the Grinding Gear Games team is showing off some of what could be yours if you can hold your own in the Scourge League challenges. 

In a new video, the challenge rewards are revealed, and if you're into the creepy, demonic and dark, these will please you. Of course, if you're looking forward to Scourge in the first place, this should be a given. Among the items shown off are the Scourge weapon skin, Scourge wings, and Scourge pet, which you can win and unlock at the 12th, 24th, and 36th challenges.Those wings are appropriately sharp and broken, and your pet will be a loyal companion in the demonic hunt. There are also trophies to be won and with the 40 challenges, if you keep going and winning, you'll get pieces of a Scourge totem pole for your hideout. As well as bragging rights, because those weapon skins are just the beginning. 

With the recently revealed details about just how things will play out in the expansion, if you want to get your hands on some of these items, be prepared for the challenges ahead. Path of Exile: Scourge will test your ability to balance the positive and negative effects to keep going and continue forward and the league challenges look to also test you. The rewards are very much in line with the themes here, so if you’re looking to acquire them, you should get ready to battle these forces very soon.

Path of Exile: Scourge will be out on October 22nd on PC and on October 27th for consoles. For more on the latest video and peeks at just what the team is overhauling before the launch, you can check the Path of Exile site.


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