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Path of Exile Reviews Everything Added, Overhauled, and Improved in 2022

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The Path of Exile team is reviewing 2022 with a look back on  all the developments over the past year, from content released, to overhauls, and even some fun stats from the year.

The info is presented in the form of a list, so it's not something that gets in-depth from the Grinding Gear Games team, but it's straight to the point. There are so many items covered, but there are a few highlights. One of the highlights was the 4 released expansions, that all changed the game in some way. Those 4 expansions kicked off with Siege of the Atlas early in the year, Sentinel, Lake of Kalandra, and finally, last month saw the release of The Forbidden Sanctum.

There were a couple of significant records and fixes. Path of Exile broke its record for concurrent players with 270,260 players. The infamous mangled text bug that had been in the game since 2016, was finally resolved and fixed.  that fix was just one of the 2,128 lines of patch notes released in 2022 for PC. The team also released over 1800 lines of patch notes for the console versions.

Other notable changes including adding controller support for PC, adding arch-nemesis to the game, removing arch-nemesis to the game, adding a brand new pass, the Kirac Vault Pass that rewarded exclusive item skins, adding another way to get unique cosmetics.

Overhauls and rebalances came for a number of items, systems, as well as endgame weapons. Late in the year also came the new game mode, Ruthless, which made things even harder for those who wanted the most punishing challenge available, built around extreme item scarcity.

This year will even feature ExileCon this July in New Zealand, where more will be revealed on both mobile and what they have in the works for Path of Exile 2. 

You can read the full list of the year in review over at Path of Exile.


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