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Path of Exile Revealing Next Expansion This Week, Bringing Archnemesis League to a Close May 10th

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Path of Exile will be entering a new chapter soon, with the Grinding Gear Games team preparing to announce the title of the next expansion this week, and the announcement that the Archnemesis League will be coming to a close on May 10th at 3 p.m. Pacific. 

When it comes to the new expansion, what we know is still limited, but the team did drop some recent hints. This update will be smaller than Siege of the Atlas, but still be significant in scope. There will be a new Challenge League and endgame improvements, but most details are still under wraps until the reveal. 

The livestream reveal will happen on May 5th at 1pm PDT. The reveal will not only give us the name of the upcoming 3.18 expansion, but all of the  details  on features and other content that we can expect. The team already promised to reveal more about the endgame improvements and other content that they will be releasing, but we just have to wait a few more days until we know a lot more.

The expansion will be released on PC on May 13th and on console on May 18th. Prior to this, the Archnemesis League will come to an end. On this date,  also say goodbye to Kirac’s Vault Pass, which is a special cosmetics premium pass that lets you unlock visual effects for some of your weapons. Kirac’s Vault Pass will be replaced  by a new, similar pass for visual cosmetic effects when Sentinel League goes live. While Kirac’s Vault Pass was received with both excitement and criticism, it seems the general system is here to stay, with the new one and its all new cosmetic rewards on the way.

You can head over to Path of Exile to read more about the end of one league, and preparation to begin another along with the coming expansion update.


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