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Path of Exile Previews New Attacks And Skills Coming With Blight League

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Path of Exile is gearing up for its upcoming Blight League release. In the meantime, the team has showcased new Assassin attacks and Mine Skills coming to the game.

Via a couple of forum posts, the team at Grinding Gear Games detailed out new attacks you can expect to use in the Blight League update. In addition to the new attacks themselves, a new buff called "Elusive" is coming for assassins which grants a 40% movement speed buff as well as 20% attack and spell dodge. However, the buff loses potency over time. To maintain this buff, two new skills - Withering Step and Nightblade Support -  can grant Elusive, so knowing when to use those to maintain the brand new buff is key to an assassin's repertoire.

In a second post, GGG laid out the changes coming to the Mine system, including a nre reservation skill for those trappers and miners, as well as three new supports and reworks to existing unique items. You can vew the vast amount changes here in this forum post

Recently, MMORPG had a chance to talk to the Path of Exile team about the upcoming Blight League release, and came away impressed and eager to try out the new mode when Blight launches on September 6th for PC, September 9th for Xbox One and PS4. 


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