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Path of Exile Previews Improvements to Item Filters

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A lengthy update to upcoming improvements on item filters was shared earlier by the Grinding Gear Games for Path of Exile.

Socket matching improvements were at the top of the list, featuring the greatest number of improvements in their upcoming 3.10.0 expansion:

  • SocketGroup "X": Groups of linked sockets on an item, for example "RGB". Can have multiple SocketGroup requirements within one filter, for example 'SocketGroup "RGB" "BB"' would filter for any option in that line rather than all options in that line.
  • "SocketGroup" now supports the letter A for Abyss sockets, and D for Delve sockets.
  • Abyss (A) and Delve (D) sockets should not be grouped in multiples (for example 'SocketGroup "RGBA"' or 'SocketGroup "DD"', as Abyss and Delve sockets are never linked).
  • Socket types: R: Red, G: Green, B: Blue, A: Abyss, D: Delve, W: White.
  • "SocketGroup" now supports a number to specify the number of sockets in a link. By default (operator =) the number requires an exact match.
  • "SocketGroup" allows combining a number and colours, e.g. "5GGG" will show 5-links with at least 3 green sockets.
  • "SocketGroup" now supports relational operators (>, <, >=, <=) in addition to exact equal (==), e.g. " >= 5GGG" shows items with 5 or more linked sockets with at least 3 of them being green sockets. "== 5GGG" shows items with a 5-link that has exactly 3 green sockets, but won't show 6-links.
  • "Sockets" now supports everything "SocketGroup" does, except it applies to all sockets on the item and doesn't care about links. E.g. "5GGG" will show items with exactly 5 total sockets, if at least three of them are green.
  • "Sockets" previously only supported a number of sockets, but these changes are fully backwards-compatible. So "Sockets 4" will still match any item with exactly 4 sockets, same as before. Similarly "Sockets >= 5" etc.
  • Abyss and Delve sockets are not linked, so "SocketGroup DDDD" will not show any 4-socket resonators. You need to use "Sockets DDDD" instead.

Additional improvements are on hand to “HasInfluence” for map items. A number of conditions were added as well, such as AreaLevel, Mirrored, and Continue, along with a condition for number of corrupted implicit mods.

You can learn more here.


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