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Path of Exile Outlines Atlas of Worlds Changes

Not too many changes though

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Path of Exile is receiving changes to the Atlas of Worlds as per their latest community update.

The team addresses the primary point of feedback which was the randomness of spawning encounters.  They’ve directly responded to this with their plan,

“Beginning after you're first able to fight the Awakener, you'll need to spawn influence in a region. This influence will spawn randomly but with a high chance. Once influence spawns in a region, you'll see a new icon and bar next to your Atlas Inventory (where your Watchstones can be stored on the left). This bar is segmented into either 5, 7 or 9 sections. The first, middle and last segment in the bar represent maps that contain influenced monsters and outcomes. In the following screenshot, the first map has been completed, with the 3rd and 5th map still to be.”

Additionally, Sextants are coming back as a vendor recipe. Even though Delirium is nearly here, the team aren’t making many changes to the Atlas in the Delirium League. However, a few adjustments are coming to some map tiers.

Awakening Levels will be four Watchstones socketed in your Atlas. Additionally, Awakening Level bonuses will provide you the same benefits as they provided previously, apart from a percentage increase effect of modifiers on non-unique maps.

In case you missed it, check out our preview of Delirium.


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