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Path of Exile Lays Out Its Vision For Upcoming Expansion Packs

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The team behind Path of Exile want players to know exactly what they are working on, and so the team laid out their vision for future expansions in a new forum post on the website.

Yesterday, the Path of Exile team has laid out the roadmap of the development cycle and when players can expect the future expansions to release leading up to the big 4.0.0 release. In the post on the PoE website, it's noted that players should see a new expansion ever 13 weeks until 4.0.0 is ready.

As you know, we release new expansions (which contain challenge leagues, balance changes and new game features) every 13 weeks. We do not expect to vary this timeline in the near future, so over the next year we're roughly looking at:

  • Early December 2019: 3.9.0 Expansion (announced at ExileCon in November)
  • Early March 2020: 3.10.0 Expansion (announced in February)
  • Early June 2020: 3.11.0 Expansion (announced in May)
  • Early September 2020: 3.12.0 Expansion (announced in August)
  • And so on, with new expansions every 13 weeks until 4.0.0 is ready

The team also stated in the post that while 4.0.0 is well ahead in the future, there should be an announcement and playable demo of both 4.0.0 and 3.9.0 at ExileCon in New Zealand this November. 


Players interested in checking out the roadmap can head over to the Path of Exile website for all the information.


This report was compiled and written by Ralph Whitmore.


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