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Path of Exile Invites You to The Mysterious Lake of Kalandra Today

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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With the update in progress, Grinding Gear Games is inviting Path of Exile players to Lake of Kalandra today. The new update will be available on PC this afternoon at 4pm EDT and bring with it a new league, new gems, new cards, a series of new items, and the introduction of Atlas Memories as a core game mechanic that will allow you to play through an NPC's past memories.

You'll also be able to do a few new things including anointing Mirrored items with a new item called Reflective Oil, obtain five new ring base types, and a whole lot more. Even the title alludes to lore that has never been explored until now. The mysterious Lake Kalandra itself is not just a title or a setting, but an influence on the updated mechanics for this update. 

The past is an important component of the setting and what you will be able to do in the new expansion, including surrounding the mysterious rare item the Mirror of Kalandra. Mirrors and reflections are also important here. You’ll be able to use small columns that you find with mirrored tablets on them and open portals to the lake. Place encounters into the tablet board and fill them with the ones you want to challenge so you can plan strategies that will likely net you the most reward.

Also coming in the update are a series of new gems. There are 14 new items in the update including one of the items having been designed by one of the winners of the Siege of the Atlas Boss Kill event, and another one designed by a PoE supporter.

Finally, there is a new league and The Kalandra Challenge League is  here to offer 40 new challenges, a fresh economy, and a new start. You will be able to itemize those mirrored tablets so that you don't have to play them immediately. They’ll also be tradable. 

For more on the update, read the notes at Path of Exile. 


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