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Path of Exile Interview Shares Details on Creating Concept Art

Plus tons of concept art samples

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new interview with Path of Exile Concept Artist Shaun Brown goes into the behind the scenes of the concept art process and more.

The interview begins with Shaun listing what he does at Grinding Gear Games. it turns out, he does quite lot including Monsters, Weapons, Bosses, Portals, MTX, Uniques, Characters, Pets, Symbols (like Magic Effects), Graphical illustrations (Divination Cards, Atlas Map etc), “Sketch random ideas to Erik.”

Throughout the interview, the team shares tons of sketches and drawing done by Shaun which range across the topics listed above. He was also asked how much of a personal spin he puts into his work, to which Shaun replied,

“Depends on the task, sometimes it can be a lot when I intuitively generate ideas that will work in the game. But there are constraints when it comes to the mechanics of the game (things like the number of joints and how they move etc). It's quite fun to problem solve and play around with ideas to get around these limitations.”

The interview also covers topics such as hobbies outside art, Shaun’s inspirations, advice for people trying to break into the industry, and more.


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