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Path of Exile Hits New Record of 270,260 Concurrent Players With Siege of the Atlas

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Path of Exile launched Siege of the Atlas on PC over the weekend and Grinding Gear Games is reporting a smooth launch and a new record. Path of Exile has hit a new record for peak concurrent players at 270,260 players.

Siege of the Atlas is coming to consoles this week on Wednesday, February 9th, and the launch on PC was encouragingly smooth. The team is now working on updates and improvements based on launch feedback and, of course, prepping for the console launch. 

The update brings all new systems as well as some Eldritch Horrors to take on and to use in order to fuel your weapons with incredible power. As you go through the maps, you’ll feel influence from one of the Horrors as you go along to reach them. Speaking of Horrors, the Boss Kill event is on, with many of the top prizes available already claimed in just the opening weekend. Players had to race and defeat The Maven, The Searing Exarch and the Eater of Worlds.

Along with the update there are some additions to the shop including a new gem stash tab, flasks stash tab, and a New Harmony mystery box. This box gets a trailer and has some impressive items including 38 new cosmetic effects, some of which you can actually combine in order to customize your character. These boxes cost 30 points and are guaranteed to drop an item that is worth at least that amount.

Siege of the Atlas brings us back to the world of Eldritch Horrors and a pivot to new elements of strategy. Craft your weapons and imbue them with special powers that also leave you with some choices to make. Central to these choices includes the massive new passive skill tree with over 600 skills available for you to spend your points and build the kind of character you want.

For more, see Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas. 


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