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Path of Exile: Heist - Chris Wilson AMA on Reddit and Second Heist FAQ Rounds Out Information Dump

Heist - May it Steal Your Time?

Steven Weber Posted:
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With the massive popularity that Path of Exile has seen over the years, and the announcement of Heist, Chris Wilson from Grinding Gear Games has been making some rounds to answer questions for fans. In a thread on the official forum, a second FAQ was posted, but in addition, and possibly even more important, an Ask Me Anything post on reddit had an overwhelming response.

The Reddit AMA had over 1.3K comments in such a short period of time, but Chris did his best to answer everything he was able to. You can check out the entire AMA on the reddit as it’s far too long and much too busy to pick out the dozens or even hundreds of morsels of information that are provided within each comment thread.

The Second FAQ on the official forums, on the other hand, has a lot of information, and here are a few excerpts that may interest excited adventurers for Path of Exile: Heist, or you can check out all of the answers on the official thread.:

  • If I'm disconnected, will I be able to rejoin my Heist?Only if the alarm has not gone off.
  • Can you portal out of a Heist if you need to trade?No, but you can between wings in a Grand Heist.
  • If you're running a Heist in a party, at which point do you trigger lockdown?This happens when you smash the case that contains the Artifact so it'll apply equally for all party members even though multiple Artifacts are dropped if you have multiple party members. Your alert level is also shared between all party members.
  • After you trigger the alarm in a Heist, is it possible to kill all the guards?These guards are effectively infinitely spawning and your best bet is to get through them and get out as quickly as you can.

Path of Exile: Heist will arrive September 18th. Path of Exile is now available on the Epic Games store as well, so if you’ve been hoping to use the EGS to launch your favorite Action MMO, go check it out!


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