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Path of Exile Fixes Many Bugs, Including Some Overly Generous Ruthless Glitches

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The latest Path of Exile patch has a bunch of bug fixes, including some for Sanctum content, as well as improvements. 

The bulk of this patch is that series of bug fixes. Since many teams are now back from holiday breaks, these sorts of housekeeping patches are really common. In this case, bugs that have been addressed in this patch include everything from fixing three client crashes, an instance crash, to a display bug where if you were purchasing an item from the merchant, the last remaining item wasn't removed from the list. You can also safely dismiss NPCs from your hideout after the team has fixed a bug where you couldn't send them packing.  

Sanctum changes include adjustments to the Death Toll Major Affliction, replacing Aureus Coins with a loss of 250 Resolve. There’s also improved visibility for the Lycia, Unholy Heretic fight. Herald of the Scourge’s lightning wave will also now spawn even more, yet smaller, lightning bolts. Some visual effects for monsters made to explode on death have been removed for causing visual issues. Additional changes include text corrections and clearer descriptions.

New to the game in this patch is the Voidborn Reliquary Key. The reliquary has 1231 options for foiled Unique items that is possible to yield. work will continue on this to get all the items in place. 

The recently-added, punishing Ruthless mode also got a couple of corrections. The Imagined Pursuits Atlas Passive, which previously said it gave 800% increased rarity of Cluster Jewels from Delirium encounters, has been corrected to now have a 10% chance of Cluster Jewels being rare from Delirium encounters. Similarly, Vaal Venom Gyre was obtainable in Ruthless by mistake, but this has been fixed. With Ruthless based on extreme scarcity, those two were obviously out of place.

Read the full patch notes over at Path of Exile.


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