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Path of Exile Expedition Delayed on PlayStation Due to Showstopping Database Issue

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you recall, Path of Exile was set to launch on console yesterday. However, while the expansion is releasing on Xbox just fine, “showstopping” issues prevented the PlayStation launch.

Expedition was officially unveiled earlier this month on July 15 on a live stream. The PC version launched last week on July 23. Meanwhile, the console version was due to launch yesterday. However, according to developer Grinding Gear Games, the launch of the PlayStation version was halted.

The issue, it seems, was a major issue with the database.

"We were expecting to launch Path of Exile: Expedition on console today. The good news is that the launch is going ahead on Xbox. The bad news is that we've encountered a showstopping database issue and as a result, Path of Exile is currently down on PlayStation until we resolve this.  Because of this issue, Expedition’s launch has been delayed on PlayStation platforms until the team can resolve the issue."

They continue,

“We are unable to bring the realm up on PlayStation until we're sure that this issue has been resolved. Our team is working as quickly as possible on rectifying this. However, we're unable to provide a current estimate as to when the realm will be up on PlayStation. We hope that it will be available again later today and will update this post when we have a clearer timeline to provide."

The post continues and provides apologies from the team to the PlayStation community. No doubt, delaying the PlayStation release to sort out these issues makes sense. No one wants a broken game, after all. You can read thefull update here.

While you wait, you can learn more about Path of Exile’s latest Expedition expansion here.


Poorna Shankar