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Path of Exile Devs Invite Players On Another Nostalgic Trip Down Memory Lane

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The Path of Exile team may still be languishing in the holiday doldrums a bit, but they're not going to leave the community bereft of fun things to see. In a new article on the game's site, Grinding Gear provides trailers from the era spanning 2015-2016 and the expansions from The Awakening to The Breach. If you're a fan of the game and love to see how it's progressed over the years, this is definitely a must-see!

When it launched in July 2015, The Awakening was our biggest expansion so far. In terms of new content and scope, it absolutely eclipsed all prior expansions. It introduced Act Four which included 13 new areas, a new town with a cast of new NPCs, 40 new monster varieties, 6 new quests and 9 new bosses. It also introduced Divination Cards, Maraketh Weapons, Warcry Skills and the socketable Passive Skill Tree Jewel system.  Despite this huge amount of content, there is a strong argument to be made that the most notable improvement was the introduction of Lockstep mode, which "fixed desync".  The Warbands and Tempest leagues launched alongside this expansion and were the last of our split Hardcore and Standard leagues. Neither of these leagues made it to the core game but still appear in special events from time to time. 

Check out all of the trailers and videos on the Path of Exile site.


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